MDS Centers of Excellence

This page provides a map of the MDS centers of excellence as defined by the MDS Foundation. This map was last updated in 2013. You can move the map around to center a particular area of the world, and then use the + to enlarge the map or the - to make it smaller. This work is under development, and only very few centers of excellence are currently shown on the map. Clicking on a blue marker will reveal information about a particular center including the name of the MD in charge, and a link to the institutions website (under the address).

MDS Centers of Excellence

MDS Medical Centers listed below are part of an international referral system for MDS patients. The requirement for these Centers of Excellence are to have:

  • An established university (or equivalent) program
  • Recognized morphologic expertise in MDS
  • Available cytogenetics and/or molecular genetics
  • Ongoing research, including Institutional Review Board-approved clinical trials
  • Documentation of peer-reviewed publications in the field
  • The ability and intention to register patients in the MDS International Registry Database

If you are a physician or health care worker, and you believe your institution should be listed here, then please fill out the contact form for physicians.

International MDS Patient Registry

The MDS Foundation has created an international MDS Patient Registry. The Registry is located at Univsity of Rochester Cancer Center. Patient information can only be entered in the registry through the Centers of Excellence listed under MDS Medical Centers below.

If your institution would like to become a Center of Excellence, please fill out the contact form for physicians. A two-page data sheet will be forwarded to physicians who wish to contribute patient's names to the Registry. There are other patient registries in different parts of the world.

MDS Centers of Excellence are shown on the map above and in the Google sheet below.

MDS Medical Centers